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Located near the intersection of Beverly Blvd. and Alvarado Street, the Bootleg Theater is located in what was formerly a 1930’s warehouse. It is a performance space that includes theater, music, dance and film events adjoined by a smaller stage and bar. This is one of the venues for the Home Grown @ Bootleg series hosted by the Dance Resource Center of Los Angeles. Not ideal because of its location, the Bootleg Theater a good space for small, emerging dance companies and/or performance artists. The companies involved pool their resources with the venue and the DRC to help produce their performances. This performance included DANCE AEGIS in WARNING: This Piece Contains Dark Themes, we came by way of loss by Robin Conrad and Troupe Vertigo’s TABLEAUX.

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NEW YORK – Robin Conrad, a Los Angeles- based dancer and pole-dancing expert, had no idea she was Jewish until about two years ago, when on Christmas day she found a document that had the names of several relatives on it, including her mother.

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On the set of the video that day, Kate Moss was watching Robin Conrad, a professional choreographer who specializes in pole dancing, and a friend of a friend of Sofia's, as she slid up and down the metal pole ending in a modified back bend. ''Oh, I can do that,'' Moss joked, as she tried the same maneuver. Conrad, who studied dance at Cal Arts and has choreographed pole dances to Tom Waits songs, is a typical Sofia find. Conrad flew to New York a few days earlier and had been rehearsing with Moss since, downstairs at the Mercer Hotel in SoHo. (''There's a pole in the basement,'' Sofia explained.)

The Shannons had to spend a minimum of three hours a day for three weeks prior to production training with choreographer Robin Conrad and learning their two demanding pole-dancing routines. Kristina Shannon remembers, “We had bruises from head to toe, with all the climbing up and down.”

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